Gold Team connects with GRCC retirees

Say hello to the Gold Team! They are an informal group of Golden Raiders who work to keep our retirees actively involved in our GRCC community. This team works hard to keep our retirees connected by publishing the quarterly Golden Raider newsletter and planning yearly recognition receptions. If you have questions about the Golden Raiders, please feel welcome to connect with Nicole Dekker, HR liaison for the Gold Team, at or x3848.

Two men and 12 women, all wearing GRCC T-shirts, sit and stand by a conference table.

From left: Jan Benham, Paul Chardoul, Liz Timmer, Ed Sosa, Penni Weninger, Sandy Andrews, Karen Holt, Diane Sparks, Jane Beld-Smith, Julie Johnson, Anita Cook, and Alice Donahue.

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