GRCC In the News, 8-9-17

Restaurant Week Grand Rapids begins now!
8/9/17 WZZM13
GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – If you’ve ever needed an excuse to try a new restaurant, or an old favorite, Restaurant Week Grand Rapids is it!
…Restaurants donate $1 from each meal sold to the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education Student Scholarship Fund at Grand Rapids Community College. Reservations are available for select locations!

Battle looms over Perkins loans
8/8/17 Politico
BATTLE OVER PERKINS LOANS LOOMS AHEAD: Two years after Congress let the federal Perkins loan program expire and then revived it two-and-half-months later lawmakers face another looming deadline over how to deal with the decades-old program. The program, under which more than 315,000 students received low-interest loans based on financial need in the past fiscal year, is slated to expire on Sept. 30 unless Congress acts.
… The new data comes as the Trump administration tries to shift the focus from traditional four-year paths for higher education. “I think we should be emphasizing the multitude of pathways to higher education, recognizing and acknowledging that we have many different kinds of students, many different personalities,” DeVos said last week after touring several programs offered at Grand Rapids Community College, according to the Detroit Free Press. “I’ve heard from many students who have originally pursued a four-year college or university program only to find out that they didn’t like sitting at a desk job. We need to not only support and encourage those opportunities, but to also make sure students know about the multitude of options.”

The Public Schools Near DeVos’ Hometown Are Doing Great
8/8/17 Real Clear Education
Betsy DeVos was back in western Michigan last week. It was her first public visit to the area where she grew up since being named education secretary. She visited a science-focused summer learning program and Grand Rapids Community College, and she met privately with superintendents from across the state.

Grand Rapids Public Schools’ Parent University to host screenings of American Divided
8/8/17 The Rapidian
On Wednesday, June 28, over 600 people gathered at Celebration Cinema South to watch two screenings of America Divided, a film series that explores some of America’s thorniest issuescriminal justice, housing equity, education, immigration, voting rights, labor, Flint’s water crisisby telling the stories of the people who get caught on those thorns.
…Dr. Andre Fields, counselor at Grand Rapids Community College, spoke about shared responsibility for the situation Grand Rapids finds itself in as the second worst city in the nation for African Americans. He said, “White people have downloaded a superiority complex. Until they unlearn that superiority, they’ll have a hard time having racial empathy. On the black side, we have to unlearn that internal sense that I can’t overcome racism and build the life that I want. We have to take responsibility for our homes, our churches, our neighborhoods.”

8/8/17 GR Magazine
Breakout your comfy pants, Restaurant Week kicks off on Wednesday.
…Restaurant Week benefits the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education Student Scholarship Fund at Grand Rapids Community College, with $1 from each meal sold donated to the fund.


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