New software to accompany Konica Minolta printers

The college is moving to a new software that will be working with the new campus copier/printers. It is called PaperCut and is replacing the Pharos software. One of the functions you will notice is the cost per page. When you are sending from your computer, the pop-up will show a cost of 10 cents for black and white and $1.50 for color. When you retrieve your prints at the device, the actual cost will show on the PaperCut screen which is 5 cents for black and white and 75 cents for color.

The FindME print pop-up:

A screen capture of the PaperCut software pop-up: Print job notification. Confirm the print and select the print action. Print job details. Document name: about blank. Printer: papercut/Find_Me_BW. Pages: 1 (grayscale). Cost: $0.10. Print job actions: Charge to my personal account. Charge to shared account (checked). Account: PG-academicapplications 236000000000000. Apply to all documents in queue (Jobs: 1). Print. Cancel.

The PaperCut window on the Konica Minolta:

PaperCutMF. Held Print Jobs. about blank. Document: about blank. Printed by: ourquhart. Time: 2:46 PM. Client: OSNE130FT004583. Pages: 1. Cost: $0.05. Device functions. Refresh. Print all. Print. Delete.




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