New IT ticketing system goes live on August 16

Colleagues: Information Technology has been notifying you since July of a new ticketing system that will be rolled out! We are now ready to go live tomorrow, Wednesday, August 16!

What does this mean for you?

Better service and information tracking when you contact IT!

If you receive an email from, no need to worry! That is from the new ticketing system. Below you’ll find what an email regarding a new ticket looks like.

Mail From: “David Houseman” File. Edit. View. Actions. Tools. Accounts. Window Help. Close. Reply. Reply All. Forward. (symbol for download) (symbol for trash) (symbol for print) (symbol for html) (symbol for plain text) Mail. Properties. Message Source. Discussion Thread. “David Houseman” 8/9/2017 1:20 PM Incident ID #: 326 – Created To: David Houseman. Details. Your request “Test” was created on Wed 8/9/17 1:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time. To view this request, click the link below: To comment on this item, reply to this email. TEAMDYNAMIX DO NOT ALTER OR REMOVE THIS CODE --- xwAkZPSwht2a8j48W/kvs31M1Xf4E+3TogenNIQK287fZxr631DfzD3M6u+siWUp1u6KagJyKwxm838FrotOrrfSY7y7NirUjka9ur+MVfHbUlghWvTyp03JK7Yn7tEN=oXbM0L4V7MA3kaKXYDyLLxCAdQS7k5cYxqildW5en/cn01a9lvF9jyTLzaby7ISbat7HeNAVkFxCvAfsAvTjxAYB-rVKbOsrYxKK9g32kJq/b86WCuQ0HuLIFYklbYOFrv9l-vrlxBCUqGIK2msux5L8L87149zMveQQRQX0iN-SOv-objYUh3XF7bVrAXk5n5hEbVylV105WC41imfL2jL1WbWobrPPQENbi4SirUxOp5Xflrxwx9Lb91dON9jASVhuw_ --- TEAMDYNAMIX DO NOT ALER OR REMOVE THIS CODE --- Pleas note that replies to notifications which are sixty (60) or more days old are considered invalid.

How to send in a ticket to IT

Customer Portal:

Log in at using your Campus Network credentials (same as you log into your computer). Please note that at this time, this system is not available off campus.


Send an email to, this will automatically create a ticket for you just as it always has.

Key Features

Customers will also be able to open and close their own tickets through the customer portal without having to contact IT! Likewise, you can check the latest status in the ticketing feed, keeping you informed minute by minute with what actions have taken place on your ticket.

Additionally, you can search for answers to your questions prior to submitting a ticket in our Knowledgebase. If an answer is not immediately available, keep checking back as we continue to add to it.

If you are interested in learning more about the new ticketing system and would like individualize training on how to submit requests, search articles, and check the status of your tickets, please contact the IT Customer Support Desk at 234-4357 or

We hope you thoroughly enjoy the new system!

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