Konica Minolta Printer Project Update – August 16, 2017

Hardware – Konica Minolta MFPs: The last printers are being installed in the Tassell MTEC, and all three Holland locations. This will be the last day of Konica’s onsite presence at GRCC.

Software – PaperCut: 95% of the new 109 installed MFPs will have full functionality by midday today. The MFPs listed below are on the priority issues list:

  • 301 Cook (CNA Testing)
  • 104 Music (Lounge) – Awaiting wiring
  • 131 ATC (Manufacturing)
  • 113 FFH
  • 102 Lyon (Police Dispatch)
  • A109 Preschool
  • 2 Student Center (Student Life)
  • 224 Student Center (Food Services)

Tomorrow’s communication will provide status for these units.

Existing Desktop Printers: Desktop printers will be migrated to using PaperCut. Offices that currently have these units will be contacted regarding the software change process.

Printing Using Personal Devices: IT Infrastructure is currently working on universal web-based access for personal device printing. Updates will be provided.

The project team thanks you all for your great patience. Please contact Olwen Urquhart (x3054) with your questions.

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