Volunteers Needed at Fall Semester Information Stations

Student Life is requesting volunteers to help with the Information Stations that will be set up for the first three days of the new semester. If you’ve volunteered in the past, you know that sharing in the excitement of new opportunities, easing nerves, and helping students find their way is a great way to start the semester and show our students that we support them.

As we have in the recent past, we will have stations set up Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, August 28 through August 31 in four locations. The stations on the north end of the Dr. Juan Olivarez Plaza, the first floor of Sneden and the fourth floor of the Main Building will be open from 7:15 am to 6:15 pm on Monday and Tuesday and from 8 am to noon on Wednesday. The station at the second floor entrance of the ATC will be open from 6-5:15 pm.

Here’s a link to the sign-up sheet: https://docs.google.com/a/grcc.edu/spreadsheets/d/1ZEZNvm10KGc-QqUJjRuPkccmQZslOcr8XSYhIfS-HXQ/edit?usp=sharing

More details to follow next week.

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