Phi Theta Kappa to hold ice bucket challenge on September 19

The 2nd annual Phi Theta Kappa Ice Bucket Challenge will take place in the Juan Olivarez Plaza on September 19 from 12:00- 1:00 p.m.!

We are excited once again to help raise money for the ALS Association as well as for our own Phi Theta Kappa chapter at GRCC. Our PTK Chapter at GRCC is at a level Five Star, which is the highest rating, and we cannot remain at this level without participation in all regional and international conferences. In addition, we were able to give almost $500.00 to ALS through this event in the past and we want to be able to give even more!

The participants who volunteered to have a bucket of ice water dumped on their head include:

  • Rebecca Whitman – Campus Police Chief
  • Robin Kritzman – Police Officer
  • Billy Fern – Athletic Director / Compliance Coordinator
  • Evan Macklin – Coordinator of Student Orientation
  • Lina Blair – Director of Student Life and Conduct
  • Misty McClure-Anderson – Executive Deputy to the President and Board Liaison
  • Erin Busscher – Assistant Professor/Academic Advisor
  • Lynnae Selberg – Assistant Professor/Program Director
  • Jim Schafer – Events & Support Coordinator
  • Michael Schavey – Director of Experiential Learning

To donate you can:

  1. Drop off money in the Experiential Life Office in room 59 on level G2 of the MAIN building in our buckets! Each participant will have their own bucket and the person with the most money will have a bucket dumped on their head! Don’t worry, if there are any ties both participants will get dumped!
  2. Donate via Go Fund Me. If you want to specify who the money is for, please leave a comment with your donation.
  3. Bring $20.00 on September 19 at noon and choose the participant of your choice to have an on-demand bucket dumped on their head! Everyone who volunteered last year ended up getting a bucket dumped on their head based on students, faculty, and staff donating money this way.

Any little bit helps. Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, literally, anything! Please help support our students if you can!

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