World Peace Day Recap

Our GRCC campus community celebrated World Peace Day BIG TIME on September 21st on the Juan Olivarez Plaza! The students had a total blast on this hot and sunny day! Dancer and English Professor Christina McElwee performed tap and Melody Szatkowski danced to a musical theme, and then Zumba Instructor Annie Vandenberg lead students in Zumba and line dancing; Katie Budden’s art students as well as general students chalked a good portion of the cement; Gilles Renusson’s culinary art students baked hundreds of cookies for the event – eight unique, beautiful, and supremely delicious kinds – using grains from different parts of the world; the DJ played the hottest tracks between poetry readings by students and the English Department own Katie Kalisz; English Professor Sean Mackey spoke several times – reminding students of the theme of this year’s celebration as designated by the United Nations: unity, oneness, and support of the world’s refugees. Many thanks to Laura Devries, English Department Student Worker Rhiannon, English Professors Brandy Springstubbe and Colleen Becker, Facilities, English Department Head Susan Mowers, Misty McClure-Anderson, Provost Laurie Chesley, and all of the student attendees for your participation! We are already looking forward to celebrating this incredibly important day again next year as inspiration to make EVERY DAY a peaceful celebration!

Yours Truly, Shavval Fleming – Professor of English

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