MI-ACE Women’s Network needs help to ‘sock it to winter’

The MI-ACE Women’s Network here at GRCC needs your help. We want to help serve the homeless population in our community during the winter months. With your help, throughout the month of October, we will be collecting new white socks.

Why? Without access to regular laundry services, the homeless population is often forced to wear dirty or wet socks — if any socks at all. Dirty wet socks are a breeding grounds for foot problems and other ailments. So pick up a pack of new white socks, bring them with you to work and give them to one of the sock collection locations listed below, and let’s sock-it-to-winter together:

  • GRCC MTEC — Marry Hofstra and Elisa Alvarez.
  • Campus Police/Lyon Parking Ramp — Chief Whitman.
  • Administration Building — Melissa Davis in Purchasing and Diane Smith in the Provosts office.
  • Sneden Hall — Marisol Blanco in the College Success Center and Mary Jo Chisholm in Information Technology.
  • Student Center — Thalia Guerra-Flores and Lina Blair in Student Life.
  • Main Building — Kathleen Kelly in the Cashier’s Office.
  • Applied Technology Center — Nanci Guigue in the School of Workforce Development Associate Dean’s office.
  • Library and Learning Commons — Laurie Witczak in Tutoring.

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