SSPD Award recipients named

Congratulations to our September 2017 SSPD Awardees!

  • Lisa Brown ($1,750): BBCON 2017 Conference
  • Elly Bainbridge ($1,000): 2017 Close It Conference
  • Elleena Chrzan ($1,000): 2017 Close It Conference
  • Paul Doane ($1,155): Federal Student Aid (FSA) Conference
  • Andrew Masters ($1,155): Federal Student Aid (FSA) Conference
  • Kathleen White ($1,450): National Coalition for Campus Children’s Centers Conference
  • Derek Brunn ($1,250): National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics Conference
  • Leigh Jajuga ($2,464): Confab Higher Ed 2017
  • Ryan Nausieda ($2,250): League for Innovation Community College Conference

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