Food drive, panel discussion to address issue of food insecurity

A College Action Project Team (CAP 1.3.6) has been formed to strengthen our systems to better support students with food and housing assistance. The team is hosting two upcoming events – a Food Drive from October 30 through November 13 and a Student Panel Discussion on November 2.

Holiday Season Food Drive — Monday, October 20, through November 13

GRCC has a student food pantry and six smaller snack pantries. The food pantry is available to any currently enrolled student and includes items like canned goods, dry pasta, peanut butter, etc. We also have six snack pantries around campus that stock grab-and-go items such as granola bars and easy mac. Our goal with the holiday food drive is to stock both the food pantry and snack pantries well.  Check out the list of needed items and drop-off locations and see how you can help!

Student Panel Discussion — Thursday, November 2, at 1 p.m. in 205/207 SCC

A 2017 GRCC graduate who completed research on food and housing insecurity will be facilitating a panel discussion with current GRCC students on the subject. This is an opportunity to hear directly from our students about their experiences and their peers’ experiences with hunger, housing insecurity and homelessness. Please also encourage students to attend.

We hope to see you next Thursday!

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