Important news from Payroll

Do you want to get your W-2 early?

Employees who give consent to receive their W-2 electronically get their W-2 two weeks early. To take advantage up this opportunity go to our webpage and follow the instructions to give consent.

Vacation bank carry over reminders

Employees are encouraged to review their employee contract or handbook regarding vacation leave carry overs to determine if leave time needs to be used by December 31 and to avoid losing vacation hours.

APSS, Campus Police and Meet & Confer employees wishing to have their vacation carry over rolled over into their sick bank, need to send an email to Becky Bailey at by December 31.

Please contact the payroll department if you have any questions regarding your vacation bank carry over limitations.

Timesheets tips for the holidays

The holidays are approaching and payroll can use your help with following:

  • We will be asking for timesheets early for the December 1 and December 29 pay dates. Timesheets for the January 12 pay date will be due on Wednesday, January 3. Watch for emails with more information.
  • If you are going to be gone on a timesheet due date, please remember to submit your timesheet before you leave.
  • Supervisors, please remember to designate a backup to approve your employees timesheets if you are going to be away from the office. Simply email IT Help with the name of your temporary replacement and the date range they will be covering for you.

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