UW Campaign ends Friday, Who will win the treat?

Thank you to the 103 donors who have contributed $26,512 to our GRCC Heart of West Michigan United Way Campaign!

There is still time to get your pledge form in — the campaign ends Friday!


Is your department “hungry” for a treat?

Winners choose their from the list below, and you still have time to enter! Let Nicole Dekker know you are collecting, then tell her your total on Monday, Nov. 13.
The department who collects the highest dollar value will select the Executive Leader of their choice, and their corresponding yummy treat, which will be brought in on a mutually agreed upon date.

Dr. Bill Pink – will bring your department donuts from your favorite bakery.
Lisa Freiburger – will bring your department some homemade chocolate chip cookies
Dr. Laurie Chesley – will bring your department veggie/dip trays and fruit trays.
Dr. Kathy Mullins – will bring your department her favorite cake and pie treats.
Dave Anderson – will bring your department bagels from Big Apple Bagels.

Are you a small department? No worries…..you’re quite welcome to combine forces and make a larger group.

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