2 GRCC students named semifinalists for Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

Congratulations to Kelly Burrows and Elijah Paparella for being named 2018 semifinalists for the Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship. Burrows and Paparella were selected from an applicant pool of over 2,000 community college students. These two high-performing GRCC students join 532 other semifinalists. While Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholars recipients will be announced in April – we want to celebrate Kelly Burrows and Elijah Paparella today!

According Harold O. Levy, Executive Director of the Cooke Foundation: “Community colleges hold many of the nation’s most gifted students. Yet too often these students are denied the opportunity to fulfill their potential due to lack of adequate resources and support. Our scholarships help to remove these barriers so that talented students with financial need have a chance to complete their college education and pursue their goals and dreams.” In addition to the $40,000 (up to)  annual scholarship support for completing their undergraduate degrees, Cooke Scholars are “eligible to apply for a scholarship for graduate school worth up to a total of $75,000” (Cooke Foundation Website).

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