Jan. 19 is Live United Day

The 2nd annual LIVE UNITED Day is this Friday, Jan. 19. Get ready to celebrate by wearing your LIVE UNITED T-shirt and encouraging your friends, family, and co-workers to join in on the fun, too!

On LIVE UNITED Day, we’re asking you to do a United Act of Kindness for at least one other person. Imagine the effect we could have if we all committed to showing kindness or generosity to just one other person on the same day: Jan. 19.

How to participate:

Don’t just wear the shirt — live it! Show our community how to LIVE UNITED by doing an act of kindness for one other person in your workplace, neighborhood, school, family, group of friends, or community.

Capture it! Snap pictures or take a video of you doing your act of kindness or the act of kindness you received or experienced.

Share it on social media with #unitedinservice and #liveunited. Don’t forget to tag the Heart of West Michigan United Way — @hwmuw.

Six people wear Live United T-shirts

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