Workshop to focus on influence, persuasion

Please join us for the first MI-ACE Women’s Networking Professional Development Workshop. This workshop will focus on influence and persuasion. A big thank you to Krystle Duthil for organizing!
When? Tomorrow —  February 22
Time? 10:00 – 11:30
Where? ATC 122/124 (Note change in location from the save the date)
Workshop Description:
So many interactions in our workplace today require the ability to successfully persuade or influence others. We might need to sell an idea, create engagement or even communicate a tough message. Think of this skill as a form of professional currency we have to build and leverage in order to accomplish work with and through others, oftentimes with those we don’t have reporting authority over.
In this interactive session we will dissect the competency of Influence/persuasion and discuss what it is, how to acquire it through the development of five key skills and how to use it to accomplish personal and professional goals.

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