New lookup/lookup Utility!

Information Technology is pleased to announce that our new online password reset tool has received stellar reviews! With this in mind, we’re now ready to make the change to our campus password utility, commonly referred to as lookup/lookup. Beginning in the afternoon of Thursday, March 1st you’ll now be greeted with the new password reset process when logging in under lookup/lookup. There’s just a few key differences.

Our online password reset tool only allows users to reset their password through email recovery. When using lookup/lookup, however, users will not be given this option. Instead, they’ll be prompted to provide some personal information; like name, date of birth, and last four digits of their social security number. Users cannot use email recovery under lookup/lookup as they will only be able to interact with the password reset tool. They cannot visit other websites nor access a desktop email client.

The same limitations you’re familiar with will still apply to this new process. Users will have a time period in which they must complete the process before being logged off. They will also have a limited number of attempts before being temporarily locked out.

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