GRCC In the News, 4-23-18

Workforce issues haunt West Michigan community leaders

April 20, 2018; Grand Rapids Business Journal

Leaders from business and community organizations are stepping up efforts to address West Michigan workforce issues.

… “If we aren’t focused on it now, we’re going to find ourselves in a world of hurt,” said Bill Pink, president of Grand Rapids Community College. “It’s not in 2025. It’s too late by then.”

Social justice a common thread at sew shop

April 20, 2018; Grand Rapids Business Journal

After years in government and nonprofit roles, Janay Brower felt she was no longer cut out for safety net approaches. She wanted to address social problems, such as homelessness and poverty, on the front end.

… Brower started making connections with Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids Community College, and makers and nonprofits all over the country to find out who was doing what, how they were doing it, where they were getting the talent and what it would take to maker her business happen.

Heart surgeon writes book about his popular afternoon teas

April 20, 2018; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Getting on Dr. Luis Tomatis’ schedule for afternoon teas takes some patience.

… “I write in English but my English isn’t very good,” said Tomatis, who turned to Phil Jung, a former English professor at Grand Rapids Community College, to help him with the rewrites, and Gary Eberle, a retired Aquinas College English professor, for the editing.

Latino Student Support Team hosts graduation celebration

On Friday, April 20th, GRCC hosted it’s 2nd annual Latino Graduation Celebration. Led by the Latino Student Support team, this event welcomed Latino graduates to come and celebrate with faculty, staff, and their family. Over 50 guests came together to celebrate this momentous occasion. The significance of this celebration is to bring together these students and celebrate their accomplishments; and demonstrate how important their success’ are to GRCC.

One Latino Student Support Team member had this to say: “This is a great opportunity for students from different programs, transfer institutions, and backgrounds to come together and celebrate all of their hard work. The Latino team cares deeply for these students because we have seen them grow and develop, and all of this culminates to this celebration.”

Special thanks to Dr. Pink for his opening remarks, as well as to our special guest from the community, Lupe Ramos-Montigny. Additionally, a special thank you to our faculty and staff, Dr. John Cowles, Carmela Zapata and Lorena Aguayo-Márquez for supporting our students in the event. Last but definitely not least, a special thanks to the Latino Support Team for putting this event together. This event would not be possible without their hard efforts. Our Latino team is comprised of Azusena Nevares, Vicki Vicencio, Thalia Guerra-Flores, Lydia Cruz, Marisol Blanco, Domingo Hernandez-Gomez, Francisco Ramirez, Rafael Pastrano, Bruné Garcia, Elino Cortes-Figuereo, Melissa Polanco-Nuñes, and José Mora.

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Nominations sought for Excellence in Education Awards

Do you know of a faculty or staff member at GRCC who has gone above and beyond their role at the College, in the Community, or in higher education? If so, consider nominating them for the Excellence in Education Award! The Excellence in Education Award was established in 1989 to honor an individual Grand Rapids Community College employee. In 2000, the award was expanded to provide recognition in the form of a staff award, and a separate full-time faculty award. In 2010, an additional award was added for an exemplary adjunct faculty member.

There is a cash award of $1,000 for full-time faculty who have taught at GRCC for at least 5 years, and for adjunct faculty who have taught at least 2 years, with a $750 cash award. Staff members also receive a cash award of $1,000.

Anyone can nominate! Deadline for nominations is May 15, 2018:

Note: The criteria and form for full-time faculty and adjuncts have changed a bit in the past few years, so please be sure to read the guidelines carefully.


Faculty & Adjunct: Call the Provost Office (234-3920) or Karen Walker (234-4236)

Staff: Call Nicole Dekker (234-3848).

Campus Dining hours for Exam Week

Exam Week Hours

April 23rd – 27th

The Quiet Cafe: Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th

Open Normal Hours.

Wednesday 25th Open 7am-4pm (breakfast from 7am-10am)

Closed Thursday April 26th through Friday May 4th

The Quiet Café will be open through the summer starting May 7th Monday-Thursday 8am-2pm

The Raider Grille: Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th

Open until 2pm. (Wok This Way Closed)

Closed Wednesday 25th- Friday 27th

Closed for the summer

The Sneden Cafe: Monday 23rd Open Normal Hours

Tuesday 24th Open 7am – 1pm

Closed Wednesday 25th – Friday 27th

Sneden will be Closed for the Summer