Latino Student Support Team hosts graduation celebration

On Friday, April 20th, GRCC hosted it’s 2nd annual Latino Graduation Celebration. Led by the Latino Student Support team, this event welcomed Latino graduates to come and celebrate with faculty, staff, and their family. Over 50 guests came together to celebrate this momentous occasion. The significance of this celebration is to bring together these students and celebrate their accomplishments; and demonstrate how important their success’ are to GRCC.

One Latino Student Support Team member had this to say: “This is a great opportunity for students from different programs, transfer institutions, and backgrounds to come together and celebrate all of their hard work. The Latino team cares deeply for these students because we have seen them grow and develop, and all of this culminates to this celebration.”

Special thanks to Dr. Pink for his opening remarks, as well as to our special guest from the community, Lupe Ramos-Montigny. Additionally, a special thank you to our faculty and staff, Dr. John Cowles, Carmela Zapata and Lorena Aguayo-Márquez for supporting our students in the event. Last but definitely not least, a special thanks to the Latino Support Team for putting this event together. This event would not be possible without their hard efforts. Our Latino team is comprised of Azusena Nevares, Vicki Vicencio, Thalia Guerra-Flores, Lydia Cruz, Marisol Blanco, Domingo Hernandez-Gomez, Francisco Ramirez, Rafael Pastrano, Bruné Garcia, Elino Cortes-Figuereo, Melissa Polanco-Nuñes, and José Mora.

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