Photos from the 2018 GRCC Employee Appreciation Event

It was a beautiful day on Friday to celebrate our employees’ wonderful accomplishments!
Special thanks to the following folks whose hard work & dedication made this incredible event possible:
     – Media Technologies: Noah DeSmit, Klaas Kwant, Todd Torrey, Taylor Bouwens, & team
     – Creative Dining: Keaton Krupa, Destiny Swanson, Hillary Fisk, & team
     – Facilities: Jim Schultz, Dale Young, & team
     – Human Resources: Christine Coon, Laura Caulk, & Lydia Cruz
     – Communications: Matt Coullard & team
     – Our Presenters: Bill Pink, Bill Faber, John Cowles, Amy Koning, Mike Vargo, Judith Larsen, Lina Blair, Jessica Berens, and Cathy Kubiak.
Congratulations again to our honorees and thank you to those who came out to celebrate with us!

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