Emergency closing at Ransom Street

There is a steam leak in the underground line in Ransom Street between the Music Building and the Student Center, which has also impacted AT&T utilities.  Facilities is in the process of coordinating an emergency repair, which will force a street closure at the north end of Ransom.  This means there will be no left turn from Lyon Street onto Ransom, so individuals needing to access the Bostwick Ramp will need to enter Ransom from Fountain Street.  All exiting ramp traffic will also need to turn right toward Fountain Street.

This repair will begin as soon as Facilities can coordinate the work and coordinate with the City.   At this point, the estimated length of the project is unknown, as that will need to be determined once they can assess the damage.

Please share this information with your constituents as a “heads-up” that this closure will be coming.  Contact Victoria Janowiak if you have questions!

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