GRCC In the News, 5-22-18

Class of 2018 prepares to graduate from local high schools
5/20/18 The Holland Sentinel
It’s a high school senior’s favorite time of year: graduation.
… According to the district (Calvary Schools), more than 90 percent of the graduates go on to college to places like Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Valley State University, Hope College, Spring Arbor University and Indiana Wesleyan University.
… About 48 percent of Hamilton grads overall were enrolled in college six months after graduation last year, with about 54 percent from Hamilton High and 4 percent from Pioneer Tech. Hamilton grads tend to choose GVSU, GRCC, Hope College, Western Michigan University and Davenport University.
… Last year, 54 percent of grads overall were enrolled in college within six months, with 58 percent from the high school and 6 percent from Dunes. West Ottawa students tend to choose GRCC, GVSU, Hope, Western Michigan and Central Michigan. West Ottawa High School principal Todd Tulgetske said this years class has grads headed to Yale, Stanford, University of Chicago, Notre Dame and many others.
… Last year, 40 percent of Holland grads overall were enrolled in college within six months, with 46 percent from the high school and 2.4 percent from VR Tech. The most popular college choices for Holland Public students are GRCC, Hope College, GVSU, Central Michigan and Michigan State.
… Last year, 62 percent of Zeeland East grads and 63 percent of Zeeland West grads were enrolled in college in six months. Zeeland East students favor GRCC, GVSU, Ferris State, Central Michigan and Hope. Zeeland West is similar, except Western Michigan makes the top five for West while Central does not.
… Last year, 35.3 percent of graduates were enrolled in college in six months. Last years iCademy grads enrolled at Cornerstone University, GRCC, the University of South Carolina and Davenport University.

Judge sentences man to prison for fraud
5/21/18 Grand Rapids Business Journal
A man has been sentenced to prison for committing student loan and grant fraud and tax fraud.
… (Brandon Kenon) Rogers obtained the identity of others and used their information to apply for student loans and Pell grants to enroll in Grand Rapids Community College and Kalamazoo Valley Community College.