GRCC retiree biography: Bob Leunk

Bob will be retiring from GRCC at the end of July. He has worked at GRCC for eleven years in the Biologicals Sciences department as a faculty member, focusing on teaching Microbiology.

Bob Leunk in a lab classroom posing with equipment.

Bob Leunk

When asked about his favorite story about GRCC students he said he couldn’t think of just one particular story, stating, “I’ve found that every student has a story if I am willing to listen.  There are gifted students who sail through their classes and stressed students who struggle through their classes.  There are youthful students seeking their life’s work, returning students seeking a new career, and seasoned students seeking a new opportunity.  Each student comes with unique abilities, accomplishments, circumstances, and challenges.  Students juggle a lot, struggle at times, stumble occasionally, and excel frequently.  There are so many students and so many stories that I’ll remember for years to come.  I’m a better person because of my students.”

Bob also said, “coming from industry, with limited teaching experience, I was pretty new to education when I arrived at GRCC. I didn’t know what to expect in the classroom or how to get anything done in the organization.  I want to thank my colleagues in the Biology Department for answering all my questions from their wisdom and expertise, for picking me up, calming me down, and helping me find my way at GRCC.  Everyone here has been so generous in offering help and support during my entire time at GRCC.  Thanks to all of you.”

In retirement, Bob plans to spend time with his grandkids, make progress on a long list of house projects, volunteer and travel.

If you can, please stop by to celebrate with Bob on June 20th from 12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. in room 320 of Calkins Science Center.

We wish you all the best in your retirement, Bob. Please stay in touch! Thank you for all that you did for GRCC and our students. You have really made difference in the lives of many.

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