GRCC In The News, 8-07-18

$9000 Awarded to Local Trans Students
For the 2018-2019 cycle, Grand Rapids Trans Foundation (GRTF) is pleased to award a total of $9000 to five local college students. This is the Foundation’s third year awarding scholarships.
… Beau VanSolkema, he/him pronouns
GVSU, Social Work
AWARDED: $2500
“I’m a first-generation student who started college at age 28. I was a high school drop-out. I still struggle with poverty, no family support, and multiple disabilities, including Learning Disabilities. Despite all that, I have managed to further myself with hard work, integrity, and the help of institutions like GRCC and GVSU. I want to advocate for others, which is why being a Social Worker is important to me, along with being a visible trans man.
… Jason Skalandis, he/him pronouns
GRCC, History
AWARDED: $1500
“When first attending college over 20 years ago, I was overwhelmed, intimidated, and unprepared. I dropped out before completing. Six years ago, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. That explained a lot and I felt that I didn’t have to try as hard to conform. I began volunteering and started to learn about the world around me. When I realized I was transgender, I found that piece of myself that had been missing, that was holding me back from succeeding.

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