DeVos Campus Parking Changes

The DeVos Campus parking project is complete and is now fully operational.  Improvements include a dedicated walkway for students from Prospect Street, stormwater capture behind Sneden, a new entrance & exit from Fulton Street, and new equipment.

The main student/public entrance is still off Fountain, but an additional entrance/exit has been added off Fulton Street. The Fulton Street gate is equipped with two readers, so that it can be used by students and employees. Guests to the campus can also use that entrance by pulling a ticket.

Please note that due to the equipment change, the green guest parking passes will no longer work on the DeVos Campus. If you host events or meetings on the DeVos campus and intend to provide parking passes, you will need to obtain new exit passes, which are white.

Also, in order to better control the surface lot north of the Administration building, that will now be a “permit required” lot. If you are a frequent visitor to the Administration Building, you will need to have your GRCC parking permit visible in your vehicle. If you no longer have your hanging tag, please contact Campus Police. We will be implementing a guest parking permit process for guests to the Administration building.   Please direct guests and community members visiting Sneden or White Hall to use the Sneden lot, entering from Fountain or Fulton Streets.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility this summer!


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