GRCC seismometer records four magnitude 6 earthquakes this August

GRCC’s Calkins Science Center hosts a seismometer that’s part of the MIQuakes network, a group of Michigan high schools, community colleges and universities that host seismometers recording earthquake activity worldwide.

GRCC’s seismometer — GRMI — has picked up four earthquakes so far this month that were equal to or greater than magnitude 6:

On Aug. 5 at 11:46 a.m. Coordinated Universal Time, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake was generated near Pulau Lombok, Indonesia.  Our seismometer recorded the earthquake 20 minutes later — the red arrow shows the arrival of the primary wave:

Image of the seismometer recording of the August 5 earthquake near Indonesia.

On Aug. 12, GRMI picked up two earthquakes —  a magnitude 6.4 and 6 —  both from northern Alaska. The primary waves from the Alaska earthquakes only took six minutes to arrive at the GRMI station.

Image of the seismometer recording of two earthquakes on August 12 from northern Alaska.

Finally, on Aug. 15, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake shook the Tanaga Volcano in the Aleutian Islands and was picked up by GRMI 10 minutes later.

Image of the seismometer recording of the August 15 earthquake near the Aleutian Islands.

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