GRCC in The News, 8-24-18

GRCC volleyball team seeks to leave Hawaii ahead of hurricane
8/23/18 MLive
Grand Rapids Community College’s volleyball team won’t depart Hawaii tonight as planned due to safety concerns. GRCC officials released the following statement Thursday evening:

GRCC volleyball players will weather storm on Hawaii
8/23/18 WOOD TV
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — As Hurricane Lane continues to move toward Hawaii, a team of local athletes is preparing to wait out the storm on the Big Island.
The Grand Rapids Community College volleyball team was originally scheduled to board an 8 p.m. Thursday flight to Michigan. But after consulting with local authorities, school officials decided it would be safest for the players to remain where they are in the town of Hilo.

Women’s Volleyball Team Out Of Grand Rapids In Midst Of Hurricane Lane
8/23/18 WWJ Radio
GRAND RAPIDS (WWJ) – Hurricane Lane is disrupting travel plans for a group of Michigan college students.
The Grand Rapids Community College women’s volleyball team is in Hawaii for a series of preseason games.

Safety ‘top priority’ for GRCC volleyball’s return from Hawaii
8/23/18 WOOD Radio
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) As Hurricane Lane continues to move towards Hawaii, a team of local athletes is hoping to return home safely.
The Grand Rapids Community College volleyball team is scheduled to take an 8 p.m. flight to Michigan Thursday and is hoping there are no cancellations because of the storm. If their flight is cancelled, the team would likely have to ride out the storm in Hawaii.

News 8 at 6
8/23/18 WOOD TV
Susan Shaw: “The Grand Rapids Community College volleyball team is hoping to get out of Hawaii by 8 tonight — right as Hurricane Lane hits the west side of the big island. That’s according to MLive. The school says the team is getting ready to board the plane, and hoping there won’t be any cancellations.” Brian Sterling: “Right now, they’re on the east side of the island, but have to get to the west side to catch a flight — bringing them even closer to the storm. GRCC says they’re keeping in touch with parents and watching alerts carefully to keep everyone safe.” Susan Shaw: “The school sent us a statement about a half hour ago saying the safety of their students is top priority and that they’re keeping in touch with officials to monitor the conditions. We will keep an eye on their travel plans and bring you updates. We’ll have more on the preparations underway in Hawaii in about five minutes.”

News 8 Daybreak
8/24/18 WOOD TV
Teresa Weakley: “The women on the volleyball team at Grand Rapids Community College will be stuck in Hawaii as the storm hits. 24 Hour News 8’s Lynsey Mukomel is in the studio with their plans to get home.”
Lynsey Mukomel: “Unfortunately, their flight that would have gotten them out of Hawaii last night had to be canceled. The team travels each year for competitive play — but this trip to Hawaii for the team was a special occurrence They saved several years’ worth of fundraising money to cover costs. GRCC released a statement to us yesterday about their situation. It says, ‘We have ensured that the students and staff can remain in the hotel and are working with the agency coordinating the team’s travel to place them on alternative flights. We continue to remain in close contact with the coaches, and are committed to keeping our athletes’ families informed.’ We’ll work to remain in contact with the school and team as well — as for Hurricane Lane — Matt’s keeping a close eye on the track.”

Morning News
8/24/18 FOX 17
As Hurricane Lane gets closer to Hawaii, an athletic team from West Michigan will remain stuck there. The volleyball team with Grand Rapids Community College has been in the Aloha State for a tournament. They were hoping to catch a flight home last night, but college officials say that after monitoring conditions, they believe the safest course of action is to ride out the storm at their current location in Hilo.

One goal
8/23/18 The Daily News (Greenville)
IONIA — Abby Frost knows what she has in front of her with her final year with the Ionia Bulldogs varsity volleyball team. She also knows what it will take to reach the one goal everyone on the team has for this season a conference championship.
… (Lisa) Getty’s team has many players who played with her during her club coaching days, and her assistant, Kelsey Darling, is a former player of hers, as well, playing collegiate volleyball at Mott and Grand Rapids community colleges, giving her players exposure to a former collegiate player and one who knows her game plan and system well.

Is Arizona junior college football dead after this season?
8/23/18 Arizona Republic
Gerald Wilbon won a football scholarship from Southern Utah University for 2018. But what appeared to be the fulfillment of a long-standing dream to play Division 1 college football turned to disappointment when the 18-year-old cornerback’s grades weren’t good enough to enroll.
… Among the junior colleges that have cut football since 2010: Rock Valley College, Joliet Junior College and Harper College, all in Illinois, and Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan. All of the schools cited financial reasons.

GRCC Science Talks to tackle the Sun, species conservation in new lecture series

A new series of presentations on a variety of scientific topics begins this academic year. This lecture series is called ‘GRCC Science Talks.’ These lectures are free and open to the public. There will also be light refreshments available. Here are the first two presentations that may be of interest to you and your students this fall 2018 semester:

Unlocking the Sun: Spectroscopy in the 1800s

  • Who: Dr. Lauren Woolsey
  • When: Monday, September 17, 2018, at 3:45 p.m.
  • Where: Calkins Science Center (CSC) Auditorium (Room 348)
  • Description: Have you ever wondered how we know what the Sun is made of, even though it is far too hot for humans to visit? The story of how we discovered the chemical makeup of our own star combines chemistry, physics, and astronomy in a tale of mystery, far-flung expeditions, and unexpected discoveries. After an overview of spectroscopy for general audiences, GRCC Assistant Professor, Dr. Lauren Woolsey will take us through the secrets of the Sun from this turning point in science history.

Species Conservation: How We Got Here and What Can Still Be Done

  • Who: Dr. Greg Forbes
  • When: Monday, November 5, 2018, at 3:45 p.m.
  • Where: Calkins Science Center (CSC) Auditorium (Room 348)
  • Description: An examination of the reasons that animal and plant species are endangered today, the current status of species worldwide, nationally and in Michigan as well as some possible strategies to save some of these species as well as humanity. Dr. Forbes is an evolutionary biologist and a certified wildlife biologist with research experience

We look forward to participating in these events with you and our students. Please email Tim Periard ( with any questions.

Raider Salute from Purchasing for “Build With Us” Volunteers

The Purchasing Department extends a HUGE THANK YOU and Raider Salute to the following individuals for your invaluable assistance the “Build with Us” event on August 23rd:

  • Abbot Kastanek – Facilities
  • Joe Milito – Facilities
  • Dorothy Paradis – Facilities
  • Dewayn Faber – Facilities
  • Jeffery Vanderveen – Information Technology
  • Danelle Sedore – ePrint
  • Lorena Aguayo-Marquez – Workforce Training
  • David Murray – Communications
  • Jared Anderson – Online Store

Our partnership with the City of Grand Rapids for supplier and Micro-Local Business Enterprise recruitment is an important one for our community. We could not do this work as effectively without all of you.

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GRCC seismometer records three MORE earthquakes this August

The earthquakes keep rolling in to GRMI!

August continues to be a seismically busy month. GRMI picked up 3 notable earthquakes in the past week. You may not have heard about the magnitude 8.2 earthquake near Fiji on August 19th. That is because, at a depth of 563 km, this “deep-focus” earthquake was too distant to cause any damage on the surface of the Earth.

You may have heard of the widely felt  magnitude 7.3 earthquake that shook Venezuela on August 21st. Large earthquakes are relatively rare in this region and this is the largest historic quake within 250 km of the surface in the last century. Fortunately, this earthquake was also relatively deep (123 km) and caused little damage.

Finally, on the morning of August 22nd, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake was generated on the seafloor off the Oregon coast. The earthquake appears to have been generated where the tiny Juan De Fuca tectonic plate (which is being subducted or shoved under the North American continent) is sliding past the huge Pacific plate. Despite being just 10 km below the sea floor, there was no tsunami generated.

If you are interested in earthquakes recorded by the GRCC seismometer, you can find them on the MIQuakes website.


GRMI seismogram of the M8.2 Fiji earthquake on August 19th (red arrow):

Display of the GRMI seismogram reading of the M8.2 Fiji earthquake; a red arrow marks its beginning

GRMI seismogram of the M7.3 earthquake in Venezuela (red arrow) and the M6.2 Oregon earthquake (blue arrow):

Display of the GRMI seismogram reading of the M7.3 Venezuela earthquake, marked with a red arrow, and the M6.2 Oregon earthquake, marked with a blue arrow

GRCC In The News, 8-23-18

GRCC: safety first, as volleyball team prepared to head home from Hawaii
8/22/18 FOX 17
ALLENDALE, Mich. — The Grand Rapids Community College volleyball team is scheduled to depart Hawaii on Thursday night, hours before Hurricane Lane is forecasted to pay a rather rude visit to the island state.

MSU home run king Mike Eddington takes over at Grand Rapids JC
8/22/18 MLive
Mike Eddington, a former Grand Rapids Community College baseball player who went on to break Michigan State University’s home run record, has been hired to coach the GRCC baseball team.

Grand Rapids plans career academies for Ottawa Hills High
8/22/18 MLive
GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Grand Rapids Public Schools plans to offer a half-dozen career academies in fields in demand in West Michigan at Ottawa Hills High Schools.
… The district already has an Early/Middle College program at Ottawa Hills High, located at 2055 Rosewood Ave. SE, that launched last year. After a five years, students can earn a diploma and an associate of arts degree from Grand Rapids Community College.

OpenStax Partner Schools Expected to Save Students $17.4M on Textbooks
8/23/18 (marketing website)
Houston, Tex. — Eleven U.S. colleges and universities that partnered with Rice University-based nonprofit publisher OpenStax last summer to encourage the use of freely available learning materials expect to save their students nearly $17.4 million on textbook and materials costs in the coming academic year. Most of the projected savings — $10.7 million — are a result of initiatives implemented during OpenStax’s institutional partnership program.
… Current partner schools from previous years are Alamo Colleges (Texas); Auburn University (Alabama); BCcampus (British Columbia); Central New Mexico Community College; College of the Canyons (California); Grand Rapids Community College (Michigan); Lansing Community College (Michigan); Maricopa Community Colleges (Arizona); Northern Essex Community College (Massachusetts); The Ohio State University; Pasadena City College (California); Salt Lake Community College (Utah); South Florida State College; Tarrant County College (Texas); Tulsa Community College (Oklahoma); UMass Amherst; University of Arizona; University of Connecticut; University of Idaho; University of Georgia; University of Oklahoma; University System of Georgia; University of Texas, San Antonio; Utah State University; Virginia Tech; and Washington State University.

Winning the right to be heard: Melvin Thomas poised to engage youth in urban classrooms
Melvin Thomas didn’t know it at the time, but his career serving youth began at a funeral: the service of his cousin who was murdered at the age of 16 in Thomas’ home town of Benton Harbor. Thomas was just 21 when he attended, and is still affected by the emotional experience of that day.
… Thomas was attending Grand Rapids Community College at the time, he was struggling with daily life and his classes.

New Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations on Campus

ChargePoint logo for EV charging stations

Two new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are available for staff, student, and visitor use within the Bostwick Parking Ramp.  The staff charging station is located near the staff parking entrance off Fountain NE.  The student/visitor station is located near the Bostwick NE ramp entrance.  Each station is able to accommodate two cars at a time on adjacent parking spaces.  Only electric vehicles that are using the charging stations may park in the designated spots which are painted green.

The EV charging stations are fully managed by ChargePoint, one of the world’s largest EV charging networks. Support is available 24/7 from ChargePoint either through the app or the support number listed on the station’s interactive screen. For additional information, and to use the station, drivers simply download the ChargePoint mobile app and sign up for a free ChargePoint account. Full details on how to access EV charging stations through ChargePoint can be found at the ChargePoint website including training videos and FAQs.  (

The cost to use an EV station is 15 cents per kilowatt hour. In order to use a station, you must have a ChargePoint account. In addition to station usage fee, users must have a valid parking permit or pay the designated parking fees. To ensure that access is available to as many users as possible, vehicles using the charging stations must be moved to a regular parking space within the Bostwick Ramp or exit the ramp when fully charged. When the vehicle is charged, ChargePoint will send the user a notification that the car is charged, and that they have 30 minutes to move the vehicle. After the 30 minute time period the user will be charged $1.00 per hour.

If the EV charging stations in the Bostwick Parking Ramp are highly utilized, more stations will be considered in the future.

More information can be found on our website at:

TechSmith Relay Replacement

As of January 1, 2019, TechSmith Relay Recorder and Relay Server ( will no longer be available as their parent company, TechSmith, has discontinued both products.

If you have used TechSmith Relay Recorder in the past to create videos, SnagIt and Camtasia are more robust versions of TechSmith Relay Recorder that allow you to screen capture and edit your videos. Both SnagIt and Camtasia are available for download in the Software Center. If you have uploaded videos to RaiderCast using the TechSmith Relay Recorder in the past, those videos will still be available and you can upload to that location through December 31, 2018.

Starting January 1, 2019, videos can no longer be uploaded to RaiderCast. They can be uploaded to Google Drive or YouTube using the Share option in SnagIt and Camtasia. The video captioning process will stay the same. As a reminder, per the audiovisual captioning policy, compliance with federal law requires captioning of all created, purchased or continually used audiovisual media production shown at GRCC.

Tutorials for SnagIt and Camtasia are listed below.



If you need assistance with these products, please drop-in to the Distance Learning office at 316 Main, alternatively, you can email them at or call 234-3205.

Blackboard Instant Messenger Going Away

Blackboard Instant Messenger will no longer be available for use as of January 1, 2019. This solution has been discontinued by its parent company, Blackboard.

Information Technology understands that many faculty and staff rely on the use of an instant messaging tool to communicate with students. With this, GRCC will officially support the use of Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts allows you to send chat messages, make video calls, and screen share. Whether you are new to Google Hangouts or are currently using it or have used it in the past, more information can be found at!/. This resource includes information on all three platforms of Google Hangouts including Google Chat and Google Meet.

We encourage faculty and staff members to begin using Google Hangouts prior to January 1, 2019, to familiarize themselves with the product suite and to determine how to best use the new tool in your day-to-day operations. Faculty and staff can use the Hangouts suite by visiting and entering their GRCC email address and GRCC network password.  To switch between Hangouts, Chat, and Meet simply click the Google Apps menu in the upper right corner of your browser.

If you need assistance with these products, please drop-in to the Distance Learning office at 316 Main, alternatively, you can email them at or call 234-3205.

Fall Opening Day Celebration Parking at St. Cecilia’s

As a reminder, tomorrow’s Opening Day Celebration takes place at St. Cecilia’s on 24 Ransom NE, not at the Ford Fieldhouse.

For those who are able, please plan to park on campus tomorrow and walk to St. Celilia’s for the Fall Opening Day Celebration.

There will be limited handicap parking available on-site.

Breakfast will be ready at 8:00 a.m., and the program will start at 8:30 a.m. sharp!

GRCC In the News, 8-21-18

Grand Rapids and GRCC recruiting suppliers
8/20/18 Grand Rapids Business Journal
An event downtown this week aims to recruit local suppliers and subcontractors to strengthen and grow the West Michigan economy.
Representatives of the purchasing departments at Grand Rapids Community College and the City of Grand Rapids will discuss opportunities for future contracts during their Build With Us event this Thursday from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at GRCC’s Sneden Hall, at 435 E. Fulton St., room 108.

GRPS students head back to school two weeks before Labor Day
8/20/18 WZZM
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Thousands of West Michigan students are heading back to school, today, for the first day of the new year. District leaders, at Grand Rapids Public Schools, are celebrating a lot of new things, including the new Museum High School and a $13 million renovation at Buchanan Elementary.
… The (Early Middle College) program started last year with 50 freshman and will add 25 new students this year. Those students take college courses and will spend an additional year in high school. When they’re done they will have a high school diploma and an Associates Degree from Grand Rapids Community College. District officials say the earlier school year gives them the best chance at success.

East Kentwood Middle College provides higher education opportunities to students
8/20/18 WZZM
KENTWOOD, Mich. – Students in the Kentwood Public Schools District have a new opportunity for the 2018 school year.
… The (Early Middle College) program works through Grand Rapids Community College and allows students to graduate with a high school diploma, transferable college credits, and an Associate of Arts degree starting in the 10th grade.

PHOTOS: Local REALTORS® support the education future of area students
8/20/18 WTVB
In April, The Branch County Association of REALTORS® (BCAR) held its fifth annual White Elephant Scholarship Auction which has been renamed The Cliffie Bowers Memorial Scholarship at The Broadway Grille in Coldwater.
… $500 scholarship checks were presented to Coldwater High School graduates: Kyle Truex enrolled at Kellogg Community College studying Business, Jamie Wellet attending Grand Rapids Community College for a Business degree, Porter Skidmore majoring in Business at Hope College and Drue Mullin studying Occupational Therapy at Olivet College.

GRCC In The News, 8-20-18

Street-Talk: Parking for all
8/17/18 Grand Rapids Business Journal
… Musical score
Some Grand Rapids students can watch their peers perform music for free.
Starting this fall, all Grand Rapids Community College music department ensemble concerts and recitals will be free for GRCC and Grand Rapids Public Schools students.

Morning News at 5:30 a.m.
8/20/18 WZZM
… One of the new opportunities at East Kentwood High School is a middle college program. The district posted a photo to their Facebook page earlier this month of the first students involved in the program. It works with Grand Rapids Community College and allows students to graduate with a high school diploma, transferable college credits and an Associate of Arts degree.

KCC, WMU partner on transfer agreement
8/17/18 Grand Rapids Business Journal
Two local schools are teaming up to make transferring a smoother process.
… (Susan) Stapleton said WMU also is working with schools like Grand Rapids Community College, Kalamazoo Valley Community College and Glen Oaks Community College to formulate a similar institutional articulation agreement as they currently do with WMU.

New Wyoming volleyball coach takes over athletic group
8/20/18 MLive
WYOMING — Despite her youth, first-year Wyoming volleyball coach Alexandra Polakovich has considerable experience in the sport, operating the Rogue Volleyball Club and coaching AAU squads, after playing collegiately at Grand Rapids Community College and Cornerstone University.

Sports OT: GR Sports Hall of Fame inductee Kaman
8/19/18 WOOD TV
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Chris Kaman will join a special club this year: He’s being inducted into the Grand Rapids Sports Hall of Fame.
… Other members of the 2018 class include Ottawa Hills High School graduate and former NFL linebacker David Harris, longtime Grand Rapids Community College basketball coach Gene Paxton and former Michigan State University women’s golf coach Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll.
The 2018 Warren Reynolds Lifetime Achievement Award will go to Jim Haskins, the longtime commissioner of the O-K Conference. Football officials Carl Paganelli Sr., Carl Pagenelli Jr., Perry Paganelli and Dino Paganelli are being named the Outstanding Team Honorees.
(This article doesn’t mention it, but the Paganellis are GRCC alumni.)