New Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations in Bostwick Parking Ramp

ChargePoint logo for EV charging stations

Two new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are available for staff, student, and visitor use within the Bostwick Parking Ramp.  The staff charging station is located near the staff parking entrance off Fountain NE.  The student/visitor station is located near the Bostwick NE ramp entrance.  Each station is able to accommodate two cars at a time on adjacent parking spaces.  Only electric vehicles that are using the charging stations may park in the designated spots which are painted green.

The EV charging stations are fully managed by ChargePoint, one of the world’s largest EV charging networks. Support is available 24/7 from ChargePoint either through the app or the support number listed on the station’s interactive screen. For additional information, and to use the station, drivers simply download the ChargePoint mobile app and sign up for a free ChargePoint account. Full details on how to access EV charging stations through ChargePoint can be found at the ChargePoint website including training videos and FAQs.  (

The cost to use an EV station is 15 cents per kilowatt hour. In order to use a station, you must have a ChargePoint account. In addition to station usage fee, users must have a valid parking permit or pay the designated parking fees. To ensure that access is available to as many users as possible, vehicles using the charging stations must be moved to a regular parking space within the Bostwick Ramp or exit the ramp when fully charged. When the vehicle is charged, ChargePoint will send the user a notification that the car is charged, and that they have 30 minutes to move the vehicle. After the 30 minute time period the user will be charged $1.00 per hour.

If the EV charging stations in the Bostwick Parking Ramp are highly utilized, more stations will be considered in the future.

More information can be found on our website at:

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