Upcoming Mind-Body Wellness Events from Counseling & Career Development

Counseling & Career Development is presenting a series of Mind-Body Wellness events this Fall. These events are intended to promote student wellness, particularly their mental and emotional health and resiliency. We’re trying out some new offerings and formats this semester, including weekly mindfulness meditation and tai chi activities, as well as brief talks with nutritious snacks. These will be held at a variety of locations across campus. The September flyer is below; the events are also listed on the Raider Connect platform, where students can RSVP (not required, but helpful!).

All GRCC students, faculty, & staff are welcome. Questions? Call (616) 234-4130, email enisley@grcc.edu, or check out grcc.edu/counseling. Those in need of accommodations, please contact DSS in advance at (616) 234-4140.

Flier for the Mind-Body Wellness Series. Text reads: "GRCC Counseling & Career Development’s Mind-Body Wellness Series: September 2018 Events. (1.) Mindfulness Meditation: Mondays, starting September 10, 12-12:30 p.m., Meditation and Prayer Room, Main Floor Library and Learning Commons. Did you know that regular practice of mindfulness meditation can reduce stress, improve attention and concentration, increase feelings of connectedness, and may strengthen the immune system and improve stress-related physical and mental health conditions? Want to check it out for yourself? Join us for any of our weekly mindfulness meditation sessions to learn how to meditate or build on any previous meditation experience you may have. GRCC counselor, Emily Nisley, will facilitate sessions using a variety of common mindfulness meditation exercises. Our practice will be secular; no particular religious or spiritual beliefs are required. Chairs and floor seating are available; you’re welcome to bring a mat, cushion, towel, and/or blanket for more comfortable floor seating if desired. (2.) Tai Chi & Tea: Tuesdays, starting September 11, 12-1 p.m., Student Center Room 336. Originally developed in ancient China, tai chi is an exercise with benefits for the mind and body. Regular practice of tai chi’s slow, continuous movements with coordinated breathing and mental focus can decrease feelings of stress, improve mood, and increase strength, flexibility, and balance. The tai chi style we’ll practice was designed to be safe and gentle; it can even be done seated if needed. GRCC counselor Emily Nisley will lead the sessions, with about 45 minutes of tai chi, followed by time to enjoy a cup of tea together if you’d like. No experience necessary. Clothes you can move in and flat-soled shoes are recommended. Those with a health condition should consult their health care provider before beginning tai chi. (3.) Zzz’s Get Degrees!: Thursday, September 20, 1:30-2 p.m., Sneden Hall Room 103; Wednesday, September 26, 11-11:30 a.m., Cook Hall Room 213. Getting enough good-quality sleep lays a foundation for physical and emotional wellness, and is vital for maximizing the power of your attention and memory to achieve academic success. Despite this, there’s practically an epidemic of sleep deprivation amongst college students! Join us to learn how sleep (or lack thereof) impacts academic performance and health. Assess your own sleep quality and leave with 10 strategies for improving your sleep right away! Light refreshments will be served (while they last). All GRCC students, faculty, & staff are welcome. Questions? (616) 234-4130 enisley@grcc.edu grcc.edu/counseling. Those in need of accommodations, please contact DSS in advance at (616) 234-4140."

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