GRCC Participates in FEMA-led Campus Emergency Training Program

A delegation of GRCC leaders is receiving specialized training from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to strategize and prepare for potential campus emergencies.

“Preparation is a vital part of building a culture of safety,” Campus Police Chief Rebecca Whitman said. “We, as an institution, must be prepared to respond to any incident as quickly and effectively as possible to protect our students, staff, faculty, infrastructure, and the surrounding community.”

The GRCC delegation includes representatives from campus departments of Police, Operations, Information Technology, Facilities, Student Life, Counseling, Communications, and faculty.

The training, coordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, focuses on multi-hazard management for higher education institutions. The three-day session is hosted by Hope College in Holland and includes representatives from colleges from Michigan and Wisconsin.

Mark your calendars for GRCC’s September Mathematics Seminar

The Grand Rapids Community College Mathematics Department is pleased to announce that it will host its first Mathematics Seminar of 2018-2019 on Wednesday, September 26, 3-4 p.m. in 114 Cook.

Our speaker is GRCC Mathematics Instructor John Dersch.

The study of mathematics has the potential to delight participants with beauty and surprising relationships.  This talk will attempt to capture a small piece of mathematical wonder by connecting two ideas that appear to have nothing in common.  Some knowledge of algebra will be useful, but, as always, everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Refreshments will be served at 2:45 p.m.


Series and Probability DO Mix

Suppose you start adding 1 +     +      +    +  ¼  and you just keep going.  As you add more and more terms, your answers will approach a unique number.  It’s easy to approximate this number, but finding its exact value is a historically famous and fascinating problem.  This talk has two parts.  In Part 1 we will show how Leonhard Euler first solved this famous problem in the 1730s.  Part 2 reveals an unexpected appearance of Euler’s solution in our search for the answer to a question involving probability and relatively prime numbers.