HR Learning Opportunities: October 1-5

Human resources-sponsored learning opportunities for next week:

  • GRCC Purchasing Policy, 10/3: Mansfield Matthewson & Melissa Stasiak will present the college’s Purchasing Policy, and provide a forum for open discussion with Q & A for participants.
  • Online Ordering, 10/4: Danelle Sedore will lead you through the basics of utilizing the online ordering system for GRCC ePrint. Attendees will learn when and how to use different printing options, including quick copy. You’ll also learn how to review past orders and budget reports to help keep your areas on track!
  • Stretching for Good Health, 10/5: Participants will learn about how injuries occur, be able to identify early indicators of oncoming injuries, and how to prevent them. We will discuss “The Camel’s Back Phenomenon” and leave with a toolkit of stretches that will help you maintain your good health!

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