Recap: Teachers of Tomorrow Scholarship Dinner

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On October 17, the annual Teachers of Tomorrow Scholarship Dinner was held to honor 43 scholarship recipients who are pursuing careers in the field of Education. This year’s scholarship recipients are:

  • Adam Warners
  • Adriana Demaet
  • Alexandra Blair
  • Amanda Veldheer
  • Andrea Snow
  • Angelica Lopez
  • Averie Allen
  • Brianna Deward
  • Brittany Blair
  • Caleb Pols
  • Chelsie Galloway
  • Collin Rosendall
  • Ellianna Doorn
  • Emily Casarez
  • Haley Hartman
  • Jessie Webb
  • June Rayburn
  • Kareem Cruz
  • Katie Schumann
  • Kayla Assink
  • Kelsea Hector
  • Kendra Veldheer
  • Kimberly Averill
  • Leah Boerkoel
  • Lindsay Mersman
  • Mackenzie Scott
  • Mariah Rios
  • MaryEllen McCarthy
  • Matthew Spees
  • Rachel Walker
  • Raina Malley
  • Rodney Van Lagen
  • Ronnise Eubanks-Chambliss
  • Sabrina Burd
  • Sara Skalandis
  • Sara Westrate
  • Sarah Mckellar
  • Shelby Freeman
  • Stephanie Cronk
  • Sydnee Ellison
  • Sydney VandenHout
  • Torie Haner
  • Trevor Hodges

Sommer Jabbar, a former GRCC student, came to speak about her experiences in the program and working to succeed in the field today. We were also honored to have Dr. Pink and Provost Chesley in attendance to see the students honored. Thank you to all who helped make this event a success!

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