GRCC In The News, 11-06-18

Rising Grand Rapids Community College enrollment translates to GV growth
11/5/18 The Lanthorn (GVSU student newspaper)
A local community college within west Michigan has seen a sharp enrollment increase from Grand Rapids Public School (GRPS) graduates. Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) had 116 GRPS graduates enrolled in 2017 compared to 152 students this academic semester a 31 percent increase. The number of GRPS high-school students enrolled in dual-credit programs at GRCC has also grown since 2016, with 239 students dual-credit students enrolled this semester compared to 121 students in 2016.

Raiders Represent in 2018 MCCAA Western Conference Awards
11/5/18 MLive
GRCC’s 2018 volleyball team is shaping up to be another one for the record books. So far this team has accomplished winning a conference title, their 8th in 11 years, topping MCCAA’s outright championship for the third straight season and their 6th overall, and on Saturday captured the 2018 Region XII District F Championship after coming back from a loss against Muskegon CC, to then defeat Glen Oaks CC and Muskegon CC twice for the semi and final match. That sealed the deal for this team to book their tickets to the 2018 NJCAA Division II Volleyball Championship in Charleston, West Virginia on November 15th!

Vote: For the nation, state, and, most of all, our community
On November 6, we, who are of voting age and registered, will have a chance to add our voice to the ballot box as the nation goes to vote in one of the most anticipated votes of my lifetime. With so much on the line in an ever-polarizing world, sane voices are needed at the polls more than ever.
… Also, if you are (or know anyone) who is a student, we want to encourage you to accompany them or just point them in the direction of Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC), who will be hosting on Thursday, Nov. 1, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. a Rock the Vote concert at the Linn Maxwell Keller Recital Hall (courtesy of GRCC’s Music Department).

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