Raider salute for 488 lbs of Holiday Food Pantry donations!

The Office of Student Life and Conduct would like to sincerely thank all of you for an AMAZING Holiday Food Pantry Drive. In the last week, we received 488 pounds of food, personal hygiene products, and clothing items for our Food and Snack Pantries across campus, as well as a monetary donation from Ferris faculty and staff.

We will be going into the Winter 2019 well-stocked with great food and personal items available for our students, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Special thanks to the Dental Clinic for a sizable donation of dental products, organizers, and donors at the Holiday Breakfast, and our friends over at Ferris that ran a successful donation drive as well.

Again, we appreciate you all immensely, and we hope you all have a fantastic holiday season!

Don’t forget to pick up your new RaiderCard!

Reminder: All students and employees are receiving new RaiderCards as part of an ongoing commitment to campus safety and security.

Preprinted RaiderCards for faculty and staff are available for pick-up at the Raider Grille between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. TODAY through Friday (Dec. 19-21).

RaiderCards will also be available to be picked up Jan. 2 through Jan. 5, 2019.

The new RaiderCards will be used for parking, point-of-sale registers on campus, cash-to-card machines, vending machines, printing and in some cases door access. The new cards will be “contactless” cards, where you will tap instead of swipe the cards at parking gates.

Remaining balances will be transferred to the new cards following the end of the fall semester.

The new RaiderCards have larger photos, are easier to read, and longer names can be printed in full. The improved security measures allow the college to electronically control and monitor all exterior doors on campus. As a result, new building access hours will be posted in the online center and additional information will be sent prior to the start of Winter 2019.

Digital rendering of new GRCC Raider Card design. Image show the front of the card, with sections of blue, gold, and cream, and the words "GRCC RaiderCard." There is also a sample student photo with the words "GRCC Student Name. Student" underneath.

Sign up for Winter Involvement Day 2019

All registered student organizations and PENDING new student organizations are invited to participate in Winter Involvement Day 2019.

In previous years CAB has hosted a Welcome Week, but this year Homecoming will take its place for a week of events.

Winter Involvement Day will take place on Monday, January 17, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. For questions please contact Kaitlynn at

Register your organization(s).

GRCC In The News, 12-19-18

Educators connect students with workforce opportunities
12/17/18 (KISD newsletter)
Senior Dave Tilma works part time at MacDonald Plumbing in Grand Rapids, and plans to become a full time-plumber after high school through on-the-job training.
… (Dave) Jackson (representative from U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship) spoke about apprenticeship programs to students in (Lary) Shoemakers electric car class during National Apprenticeship Week, and separately to a group of girls interested in skilled trades and engineering. Jackson, who is based in Lansing, also spoke to a Women in Manufacturing panel at Grand Rapids Community College.

12/18/18 WOTV
Maranda: “They’re slicing; they’re dicing; they’re learning all kinds of cool things. We stepped into the kitchen to see how students from Central Innovation High School are learning firsthand the importance of food and health.”
… Instructor: “This program we are calling Future Harvest, where we are collaborating with Spectrum Health, GRCC and the Grand Rapids Public Schools system to find opportunities for really investing in our youth when it comes to health careers and to give them an opportunity to get some life skillls. …”
(The segment was filmed during the students’ visit to the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education kitchens.)