GRCC In The News, 12-19-18

Educators connect students with workforce opportunities
12/17/18 (KISD newsletter)
Senior Dave Tilma works part time at MacDonald Plumbing in Grand Rapids, and plans to become a full time-plumber after high school through on-the-job training.
… (Dave) Jackson (representative from U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship) spoke about apprenticeship programs to students in (Lary) Shoemakers electric car class during National Apprenticeship Week, and separately to a group of girls interested in skilled trades and engineering. Jackson, who is based in Lansing, also spoke to a Women in Manufacturing panel at Grand Rapids Community College.

12/18/18 WOTV
Maranda: “They’re slicing; they’re dicing; they’re learning all kinds of cool things. We stepped into the kitchen to see how students from Central Innovation High School are learning firsthand the importance of food and health.”
… Instructor: “This program we are calling Future Harvest, where we are collaborating with Spectrum Health, GRCC and the Grand Rapids Public Schools system to find opportunities for really investing in our youth when it comes to health careers and to give them an opportunity to get some life skillls. …”
(The segment was filmed during the students’ visit to the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education kitchens.)

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