Pre-proposals for Study Away experiences due Feb. 1

The Department of Experiential Learning is now accepting Pre-Proposals for short-term travel experiences during the Summer 2020 semester.

Full-time faculty submit a Pre-Proposal outlining the initial details of the travel experience (locations, budget, dates of travel, and how the experience meets course outcomes). This form is due Friday, February 1.

Upon approval of the Pre-Proposal, faculty then submit the Full-Proposal, which fleshes out more details of the travel experience. The Full-Proposal is due Monday, April 1.

If you have any questions regarding the creation of a short-term travel experience (Study Away), please contact the Study Away Faculty Coordinator, Hillery Haney at or 616-234-4380.

Faculty leading these travel experiences are supported by the Department of Experiential Learning which assists in marketing and recruitment, vetting student applications, managing student payments and provider invoices, student travel orientations, and overall risk management support.

You can find Study Away Proposal Process guidelines online.

The students take in the sights at Chartres Cathedral, a medieval Roman Catholic cathedral in Chartres, France.

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