Google Chrome Browser Policy Update

Information Technology has recently rolled out a new policy to your computers that may change the way you interact with Google Chrome. You now have the ability to sign in to your Google Chrome browser, and sync your browsing data to your GRCC Google accounts. This means that your history, bookmarks, extensions, and more can be carried across multiple devices. If you use more than one computer, or move between shared computers, the ability to sign in to the browser can help you manage your data across these devices. Please note that you can only sync your data with your accounts for security purposes.

Syncing your browsing data goes hand-in-hand with Google Chrome Profiles. With chrome profiles, you can easily create a separate browsing environment for your work and personal accounts. For more information on creating and managing Chrome profiles, please refer to this Google Support article.

You also may have noticed that with this change comes another increase in security; All non-approved browser extensions have been removed from GRCC devices. If there is a browser extension that you use and would like to be reviewed by our IT Security team, please submit a request through the GRCC IT Service Portal,

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