G Suite Transition: Test Environment

Before GRCC transitions from GroupWise to Google’s G Suite on May 3, 2019, a test environment has been made available for you to explore and to develop familiarity.

To log in:

1. From any web browser navigate to mail.google.com

2. Enter your Campus Network username and password:

  • Username: your_network_username@grcc.edu (e.g. janedoe@pilot.grcc.edu)
  • Password: Your GRCC Campus Network password (the same one you’d use to login to a computer, Groupwise, or Blackboard)

Please Note

The G Suite pilot account is only for testing and training purposes. Any content migrated from GroupWise to pilot will not be moved to the production G Suite environment.

If you have any questions about how to do a specific task or function in G Suite, contact our Google Guides by emailing GoogleGuides@grcc.edu or contact one of our Google Guides directly!

If you have difficulties logging into your account, please contact the GRCC IT Support Desk at (616) 234-4357.

You may also view our Knowledge Base resources about logging into Gmail and Google Calendar and other helpful Google topics.

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