Raider Salute to Jeannie Dauber

This Raider Salute comes from student Megan Nordbeck:

I have to take time to recognize a past GRCC professor of mine — Jeannie Kuhn Dauber. She was my math 098 teacher during my first year at GRCC in 2017. As you can imagine, I was struggling with self esteem. I didn’t know whether or not I was capable of succeeding in college. Especially, all the time I took off after high school (graduated in 2008).

Jeannie is a tough teacher, but she really cares about all of her students. I had homework almost every night along with her many colorful mock tests. I did everything that Jeannie recommended and I passed her class with a 98.2 %.

Now, with this current semester I feel incredibly confident and some of that I owe to Jeannie Dauber. I currently hold a 3.6 GPA and have made the Dean’s List twice. Apart from the accolades, Jeannie and I are still friends. Once in awhile we’ll meet for lunch and what not.

Jeannie has continued to share with me about her ongoing efforts with her students. I wanted to showcase Jeannie’s dedication and how she handled things during the polar vortex. The polar vortex has been challenging for some students this semester. Specifically, when it comes to learning compiled material after missing 5 classes due to the bad weather.

Jeannie Dauber cares enough about her students to make lecture videos for Blackboard, meeting extra with her students so that they are caught up, and sending notifications about extra review time. Last Monday, classes were delayed until 11 am. Jeannie Dauber held an hour review session for her early morning class. The students who did not respond back to her notification received a phone call from her. All but one of her students showed up.

Jeannie is a prime example of an educator. I can’t imagine what my first year at GRCC would have been like without her. Thank you for all that you do Jeannie Dauber!!!

One thought on “Raider Salute to Jeannie Dauber

  1. This Raider Salute to Jeannie is a public affirmation of her amazing teaching talent and dedication to her students. It is an honor to say that I knew her “when”…Jeannie brings an intangible gift of being able to connect with and inspire her students to succeed as learners. She is the embodiment of the phrase: ‘Those who can–do, those who understand–teach’. Congrats to Jeannie. And thank you to Megan Nordbeck who took the time to acknowledge, celebrate and remind us that Jeannie Dauber is one of GRCC’s finest teachers.

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