GRCC Retiree Biography: Sally Zokoe

Sally Zokoe has worked for GRCC since 2010. She started in the Cashier’s Office and worked there through June 2016, until she moved to the Accounts Payable department. Sally shared that she had “a lot of cool experiences with students from her Cashier’s days. I have also met some awesome people and formed great friendships. One of those was Molly Maczka, who I’m sure many still miss madly like I do. We discovered that we had one of those ‘small world’ things in common.”

Sally had wanted to work for GRCC for a very long time, ever since she went here “in the dark ages when it was GRJC.” At the time she was a student worker in the Athletic Department and worked for Gordy Hunsberger. The Athletic Department was located on the corner of Ransom and Lyon in what is now the Music building. “We had every kind of sports team in those days. It was good fun helping all of the young men who came in and out of that building. Life took me away from here, and I worked in banking for many years. After I was downsized out of my first banking job in 1996, I started applying for openings at the college. It took until 2010, when I was finally given the opportunity to work here.”

What does Sally have planned for retirement? “Anything, everything, and nothing.” And most importantly, “grandbabies!”

Sally enjoyed her time working at GRCC and wants to “wish all the best to my colleagues who will continue working for this great college. My hope is that I will be able to stay in touch with my friends and have lunch once in a while. I’ll drive.”

We are so happy you accepted the offer to work at GRCC, Sally! We look forward to having you return and rehash all of the wonderful memories – you have made a difference at GRCC and had a large impact on the lives of our students and campus community. We wish you the best in your retirement and hope you stop by throughout the years to share your adventures!

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