GRCC In The News, 02-15-19

Davenport University names new provost
2/14/19 MLive
GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Davenport University announced Thursday, Feb. 14, that Gilda Gely will be its new provost and executive vice president for academic affairs.
… Prior to joining Cambridge College, Gely served as executive vice president and provost at Aquinas College from May 2014 to May 2016. She was also provost and executive vice president at Grand Rapids Community College from 2007 to 2014.

Good Local Journalism Is Essential to Good Governance
After repeated staffing cuts at the Grand Rapids Press/MLive, who’s guarding the henhouse of local government?
… City Commissioner Ruth Kelly acknowledges things aren’t what they were several years ago. She misses “reporters with experience like Jim Harger.” Now we “seem to get a new one every two years.” Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, a veteran reporter formerly with MLive and currently professor of journalism at Grand Rapids Community College, confirms this sentiment. “There isn’t the depth of experience to train recruits and facilitate the depth of coverage” there used to be.

GRCC Employees on the Move through February 12, 2019

Please congratulate those who have moved and been promoted.


  • Jay Tucker
    • Grounds Maintenance, Maintenance
    • Effective Date: 11/26/2018
  • Whitney Marsh
    • Director, Ford Fieldhouse
    • Effective Date: 12/10/2018
  • Erin Belinger Goossen
    • Support Professional, Ford Fieldhouse
    • Effective Date: 12/17/2018
  • Sarah Adkins
    • Support Professional, Registrar Department
    • Effective Date: 1/2/2019
  • Robin Pegg
    • Faculty, Assistant Professor – Occupational Therapy Assistant/Academic Field Coordinator
    • Effective Date: 1/2/2019
  • Kim Squiers
    • Grants Specialist, Grants Department
    • Effective Date: 1/7/2019
  • Alissa Raddatz
    • Lead Graphics Designer, Communications
    • Effective Date: 1/21/2019
  • Steven Beauclair
    • Director of GEAR UP Wyoming, Academic Outreach
    • Effective Date: 2/11/2019


  • Ashley McLary
    • Transfer from: APSS, Cashiers Department
    • Transfer to: APSS, Accounting/Budgets
    • Effective Date: 11/26/2018
  • Bryan Vliem
    • Transfer from: Associate Registrar, Student Records
    • Transfer to: Enterprise Analyst
    • Effective Date: 2/12/2019
  • Robin Sterk
    • Transfer from: Adjunct Faculty
    • Transfer to: Director of High School Partnerships
    • Effective Date: 1/21/2019



  • Teddie Buchner
    • Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy
    • Effective Date: 12/15/2018
  • Kayla Leonard
    • Student Success Coach, College Success Center
    • Effective Date: 1/5/2019
  • Lisa Brown
    • Database Coordinator, College Advancement
    • Effective Date: 1/12/2019
  • Paul Krieger
    • Professor, Biology Department
    • Effective Date: 5/11/2019


  • Judith Larsen
    • Director, Grants and Resource Development Department
    • Effective Date: 10/13/2018
  • Janice Chapman
    • Assistant Professor, English
    • Effective Date: 12/19/2018
  • Michael Rydman
    • Professor, Language & Thought
    • Effective Date: 1/1/2019
  • Sally Zokoe
    • Support Professional, Accounts & Budgets
    • Effective Date: 2/16/2019
  • Nanci Guigue
    • Support Professional, School of Workforce Development Associate Dean’s office
    • Effective Date: 3/1/19
  • Robin Vanrooyen
    • Professor, Visual Arts
    • Effective Date: 4/27/2019
  • Robert Guigue
    • Technical Operations Tech, School of Workforce Development
    • Effective Date: 3/1/2019

Professor Mursalata Muhammad to present at Third Thursday Speaker Series

Third Thursday Speaker Series: Claude Harvard, Dublin Georgia, and Me

Even though inventor Claude Harvard lived in Dublin, Georgia, until he was about 10, he was a Detroiter. He NEVER spoke of his life in Georgia or his original first name, which was not “Claude.” No amount of prompting could move him past this statement: “I was born when my mother brought me to Detroit.” As a 10-year-old “newborn” – Claude set to the task of learning as much as possible about radios and machinery. These interests gave him the engineering foundation for his later inventions, the bulk of which were invented while he worked at Ford Motor Company.

GRCC instructor and educational architect Mursalata Muhammad will gather and present the fragments of Claude Harvard’s life scattered about the internet, printed in an oral history, and rooted in her lived experiences with him. In the words of Mursalata, “This presentation is my attempt to tell you a story that brings together what is most worth telling in this moment.”


  • WHERE: Detroit Historical Museum, 5401 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI  48202
  • WHEN: Thursday, February 21, 6-9 p.m.
  • RSVP: Tickets for the event are free. Registration is available through Eventbrite.

Get Google-ready, GRCC

We are less than three months away from the college wide transition to GMail and Google Calendar.

Get trained and prepared by attending one of the informative hands-on sessions offered in collaboration between IT and GRCC Google Guides.

Sessions are available at various days, times, and locations on campus; sign up is quick & easy at the Google for GRCC webpage.

Nominate adult learners for the 2019 GRAHEN awards

Attention Faculty and Staff –

Do you know of an outstanding adult learner at GRCC? The Grand Rapids Area Higher Education Network (GRAHEN) are looking for outstanding adult learners whose accomplishments in higher education and contributions in the community merit recognition. This should be a currently enrolled student. GRAHEN defines an adult learner as a college student in their mid to late 20’s and older. The winner will be invited to an awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, held to honor and recognize the student with a Certificate of Achievement and cash award.

Please send your nominations no later than February 28 to Lori Cook ( and Francisco Ramirez ( They will follow up with the nominee on the application process, which consists of submitting an application, writing an essay, and two letters of recommendation. Contact Lori or Francisco with any questions. Thank you!

Logo for GRAHEN. The logo features a black outline of the skyline underscored by a wavy blue water line. The text reads: "G.R.A.H.E.N. Grand Rapids Area Higher Education Network."

GRCC Science Talks Continue Next Thursday with “Epigenetics”

A close-up image of a tissue sample.

Epigenetics and Colon Cancer: A tale of mice, microbes, and methyl groups

  • Thursday, February 21, 2019, at 4 p.m.
  • Calkins Science Center auditorium, Room 348

Have you ever wondered how there can be numerous cell types in your body (skin, muscle, etc.) even though they share the same DNA code? This is explained by epigenetics, the branch of science that studies how chemical modifications on or near DNA influence how genes are expressed. We’ll learn about epigenetics and its important role in maintaining healthy cells.

Nicole Vander Schaaf is a doctoral candidate at the Van Andel Institute Graduate School.

Future GRCC Science Talks will include:

  • 03/25/2019: “Gene Modifications: CRISPR” – 3:45 p.m., Calkins Science Center auditorium, Room 348

Grand Rapids Community College Science Talks are open to the public, and light refreshments will be served.

Please email with any questions.