TRIO/SSS Students Present at the MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit

TRIO students Connie, Monica, Amina, and Nhung posing for a photo after their presentation at the MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit.

TRIO Student Support Services Students Connie Dock, Amina Elamin, Nhung Pham, and Monica Rivera presented at the MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit this past Saturday, 2/16/19 in Ann Arbor, MI. Their topic, “Study Abroad – A World Waiting to be Explored” focused on identifying, planning and financing this type of experiential learning opportunity and why students should try to fit this into their time in college.

Nhung Pham shared her personal motivation for applying to a program in the Netherlands for this upcoming Summer: “I came to the United States 4 years ago, and I was not prepared. I felt very overwhelmed by the people, language, and strange rules. Nothing felt familiar. I never would have dreamed that 4 years later I would be excited to study in another country but I am! I’m ready and prepared this time and I can’t wait!”

To learn more about TRIO/SSS please visit our webpage.

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