Policies updated

The following policies have been updated or added and recently approved:

February 2019

Policy Meeting


10.1 Tuition and Fees (revision)

  • Residency changes listed under X. Procedures: Rates 2. – updated Veterans requirement due to regulatory requirement – Public Law 115-251 (effective March 1, 2019)

11.6 Use of College Equipment off College Property

  • No changes

11.15 Purchasing (revision)

  • Added s. Debarment under “Procedures”

14.14 Building Access (Key/Raider Card)

  • Reason for the policy was updated to read “…to enhance personal safety for all members of the college community; to protect moveable physical assets of the college and to facilitate timely access in case of emergency.” While removing unnecessary language.
  • Removed the definitions of standard hours of operation, extended hours for employees, and normal business hours
  • Added definitions of General Employee Access, Administrative and operational Access, Emergency Response team Access, and Extended Access
  • The following sections under Procedures were changed, or added:
    • added…”and approving electronic access based on role and responsibility. Credentialing of electronic access is assigned primarily using the Peoplesoft system with additional permissions granted using the request/extended access request forms.”
    • Removed Standard Employee Access language
    • Removed Extended Access Language
    • added… “Access to academic and office buildings for students and the general public is limited to the standard hours in each building. Standard hours are outlined in the GRCC Campus Buildings Schedule and may change by semester.
    • added…” Disabling or propping open electronically secured doors provides a threat to personal safety and a risk to property and is against college policy.
    • Removed Exceptions…
    • Changes under Section D: Keys and/or RaiderCard Access will be allocated on the following basis include items in red:
  • (1) No change
  • (2) When a change in access or additional access is necessary after initial on boarding Department Heads, Program Directors or Immediate Supervisors will be responsible for initiating the access process for their employees as the “Requesting Party” on the Building Access Request Form.
  • (3) Fulltime faculty and staff will be granted access based on role and responsibility and have keys to their internal work areas (offices).
  • (4) Adjunct faculty will be granted access by semester based on active instructional assignment
  • (5) Students may be granted electronic access based on enrollment or with approval of their department head or supervisor. Student employees may also check keys out from Campus Police as needed, with approval of their supervisors. Students will not be assigned physical keys to any College door.
  • (6) All employees, vendors, and contractors must clear a criminal background check prior to receiving access.
  • (7) Grand master keys and 24/7 electronic access will be granted only with the approval of the President or his/her designee.
  • (8) Campus Police must receive a signed access request form authorized by the Executive Director or Associate Dean, before access is granted.
  • (9) no change
  • (10) RaiderCards and Key are non-transferrable. It is the responsibility of each card/key holder to report a lost or stolen card/key directly to the Campus Police Department. Individuals may be subject to costs associated with replacement as per the key agreement or RaiderCard policy.
  • (11) Key and electronic access transfers from one person to another are prohibited. Anyone possessing or using a RaiderCard without authorization will be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal charges where appropriate.
  • (12) no change
  • (13) no change
  • changed wording to: “Facilities staff, along with Campus Police Officers, are responsible for confirming all buildings are secure based on building schedules and when the campus is closed.”

For more information, visit the policy website.

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