G Suite Tip: Moving your GroupWise folder structure to Gmail

In other email programs, including GroupWise, you might have stored email in folders. In Gmail, you use labels to categorize your email. Labels are like folders, but with a twist — you can apply several labels to an email, then later find the email by clicking any of its labels from the left panel.

You can also:

  • Open a label in the left sidebar to see all email with that label.
  • Nest labels within labels.
  • Search for all email with a label.
  • Set up your inbox as you prefer:
    1. See labels on email in your inbox to quickly identify different types of email.
    2. Auto-archive email to route it away from your inbox, as you did with rules and folders.

Create a label:

  1. Go to Gmail
  2. In the top right, click Settings (gear icon) and select Settings.
  3. Click the Labels tab.
  4. Scroll to the Labels section and click Create new label.
  5. Enter the label name and click Create.
  6. You can also create nested labels, which are like subfolders.

Create a label from an email:

  1. From an email, click Labels (tag icon) > Create new.
  2. Enter the label name and click Create.
  3. (Optional) Click Nest label under and choose an existing label to place it under.
  4. The new label automatically applies to your email.

Try this by recreating your GroupWise folder structure as Labels in your Gmail pilot account!

Please Note: The G Suite Pilot accounts are only for testing and training purposes. Any content migrated from GroupWise to pilot for testing and training purposes will not be moved to the production G Suite environment.

For technical assistance, please contact the IT Support Desk at x4357 or submit a service request on our Support Desk webpage.

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