G Suite Transition: viewing a co-worker’s calendar

In GroupWise, viewing a specific coworker’s calendar is helpful when scheduling meetings or staffing. This can be done easily in Google Calendar, and most importantly, Google allows for custom color coding!

The simplest way to view someone’s availability in Google Calendar is to type their name into the “Add Calendar” area in the left menu above your calendars. This will add their calendar to your list of “other calendars” and allow you to see if they are free or busy.

The level of detail for what you will see when viewing someone’s calendar depends on the settings they have set for that particular calendar. The settings for your personal/default calendar are found under Access Permissions. The “Make available to public” option would make your calendar accessible to any user of Gmail. You will most likely want to avoid this option!

When selecting “Make available for Grand Rapids Community College,” you can choose between:

  • See only free/busy (hide details)
  • See all event details
  • Make changes to events
  • Make changes and manage sharing

This is up to your own discretion, and should be decided upon by the level of detail added in your calendar events. We advise that you only share your default calendar with select individuals or groups, under “Share with specific people.”

It is important to update your personal calendar with the details of when you’ll be out. Google Calendar has an Out of Office option when creating events, which will warn others that you’re not available if they try and invite you to an event during that time. Populating your default calendar will also allow your colleagues to busy search you, so don’t forget to keep this up to date!

Please Note: The G Suite pilot account is only for testing and training purposes. Any content migrated from GroupWise to pilot will not be automatically moved to the production G Suite environment.

If you have any questions about how to do a specific task or function in G Suite, contact our Google Guides by emailing GoogleGuides@grcc.edu or contact one of our Google Guides directly!

If you have difficulties logging into your account, please contact the GRCC IT Support Desk at (616) 234-4357.

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