G Suite Transition: Department Absence Calendar

Many departments currently rely on using reminder notes in GroupWise to post when someone will be absent for the day so that colleague are able to quickly check a calendar to see if someone is out of the office.

If your department does something similar, this process will be evolving to the use of a shared department calendar in G Suite. With this method, individuals can quickly add an all-day event to their department calendar, while also including their detailed out-of-office event on their personal/default calendar.

To start, one person within your department will need to create the shared calendar. Once created, share the calendar with everyone in your department who needs access. If your department has a Google Group set up you can add that group and it will be shared with all individuals within that group. Note that anyone who is given the “make changes and manage sharing” access permissions will become a shared owner of that calendar.

Sharing a calendar will email the individual, notifying them of the new calendar and prompting them to add it to their calendar list. You can now simply add an all-day event to the calendar with your name and status. The benefit of using a shared calendar for this process is that you can toggle that calendar on and off to see who is out that day, without it cluttering up your calendar.

Keep in mind, it’s still important to update your personal calendar with the details of when you’ll be out. Google Calendar has an Out of Office status when creating events to let others know you’re not in if they try to invite you to an event at that time. Populating your default calendar will also allow your colleagues to busy search you, so don’t forget to keep this up to date!

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