G Suite Tip – Mute email notifications

Sometimes you are just too popular, and those pesky email threads of conversations that no longer apply to you keep reappearing in your inbox. You may want to avoid being distracted by an email thread, but still view the conversation later. You may also want to turn off notifications from a forum. Gmail understands your pain, and added the mute feature just for you.

To mute a conversation, you would open the conversation and click “More” from the drop-down menu. Once you choose “Mute,” the conversation is archived. This will remove the conversation from your inbox and automatically archive any incoming conversation threads as unread. A conversation thread will appear in your inbox if it is sent to only you in the “To” or “Cc” fields.

You can easily find these conversation threads by searching “is:muted” or “from:” with the name of a member of the conversation in the search field.

Ready to unmute? Click the “X” by the “Muted” label from within the conversation thread, or choose “More” from your actions button and then “Unmute” from the drop-down menu. New conversation threads will now appear in your inbox again.

It is important to note that we suggest you choose “Archive” over “Delete” when removing emails from your inbox in Gmail. Archive will remove emails but allow for them to be searched again in the future if you need them. Delete will make emails irretrievable in the future, so use with caution.

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