G Suite Tip – Attachments in Gmail

You can now attach files in Gmail with less restriction than GroupWise.

Have you ever not been able to send an email with a large attachment in GroupWise? Google has a better solution to make sure your attachment reaches your recipient. Gmail has a 25 MB attachment size, opposed to GroupWise which had an attachment file size limitation of 20 MB. (5 MB may not sound like a lot, but it is equivalent to 5,242,800 characters!)

The way that GRCC IT suggests sharing file sizes over 25 MB is by utilizing Google Drive. With Google Drive, there is NO LIMIT to what file size you can share with others.

While using Google Drive remember:

  • Do not include PII (Personally Identifiable Information, e.g. Student ID Numbers), credit card / financial data, etc.
  • Unless necessary, do not share Drive documents outside of the GRCC domain

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