G Suite Transition – Early Access to Gmail and Calendar

As our campus prepares for the upcoming switch to G Suite, we understand the importance of being able to configure your inbox and populate your calendar prior to May 6.

In response to this need, during the period from April 22-May 3, you will be able to access Gmail and Google Calendar using your @grcc.edu credentials. During this time, Gmail and Calendar will not be fully functional. All of your email messages will still be sent and received by GroupWise.

On Monday, May 6, your Gmail inbox and Calendar will become fully functional and ready to use.

What does this mean for you?

On Monday, April 22, you will be able to log into Gmail and Google Calendar with your @grcc.edu campus network credentials. You will not be able to send or receive email in Gmail or add external guests to events until May 6. However, if you share documents or folders within Google Drive, you may see these messages appear in your Gmail inbox instead of GroupWise.

In Gmail, you may begin setting up your labels, filters, signature(s), proxy and ‘send as’ rights, and configuring your account to work best for you!

In Google Calendar, you can start migrating your GroupWise calendar appointments and setting up shared department or team calendars.

If you need assistance with configuring your new account, reach out to one of our Google Guides, attend a Professional Development offering, or request an individual or team consultation!

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