New Policy 12.11 – Appliance Policy

New Policy 12.11: Appliance Policy – new policy created to address appliance procedures


I. Policy Section

  • 12.0 Building and Sites

II. Policy Subsection

  • 12.2 Appliance Policy

III. Policy Statement

  • This policy and its supporting processes provide the standards and procedures governing the selection, acquisition, installation, use and removal of appliances at Grand Rapids Community College.

IV. Reason for the Policy

  • The GRCC Facilities Department is responsible for facilitating the selection, acquisition, and installation/removal of all appliances on the GRCC campus. Appliances are reviewed and recommended that best meet the following criteria and standards:
    • Energy Efficiency (Energy Star certified appliances preferred where applicable)
    • Functionality
    • Durability
    • Warranty
    • Campus design consistency
    • Cost-effective
  • This policy applies to all appliances used by GRCC faculty and staff, regardless of location or funding source. Appliances used in the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education and GRCC Food Service Providers (e.g. Creative Dining) are excluded from this policy.

V. Entities Affected by this Policy

  • Employees
  • Budget Control Officers

VI. Who Should Read this Policy

  • Budget Control Officers
  • All GRCC employees

VII. Related Documents

  • 11.15 Purchasing Policy
  • 11.7 Disposal of Surplus, Used and or Obsolete Furniture & Equipment Policy
  • Procurement Card Agreement

VIII. Contacts

  • Executive Director of Facilities
  • Facilities Building Managers
  • Director of Purchasing
  • Procurement Specialist

IX. Definitions

  • Appliances covered by this policy include the following items: Microwaves, stoves, refrigerator/freezers (w/o icemaker & water dispenser), dishwashers, coffee makers, and toasters. All other appliance purchases with college funding are prohibited.
  • Personal and/or donated appliances (microwaves, coffee makers, and toasters only) are subject to Facilities Department inspection and approval prior to GRCC use. Please contact Abbot Kastanek,, 616.234.2183 to arrange an inspection.

X. Procedures

  1. The Facilities Department, in partnership with the Purchasing Department and the internal customer, is responsible for the selection process for all appliances.
  2. Departments can purchase appliances with department funds, but all purchases must be processed through the Facilities Building Managers to insure uniform standard and quality. Departments and individuals should not contact third party vendors without Facilities and Purchasing endorsement.
  3. Appliance purchases will be supported in building common areas where full and/or multiple departments gather for breaks, lunches, etc. Purchases will not be supported for individual departments where similar appliances are within close proximity. Any exceptions require the approval of the Purchasing Manager and Executive Director of Facilities.
  4. In order to maintain an accurate inventory of appliances, the Facilities Department must be contacted for all appliance moves. Employees may not disconnect, re-position or otherwise move stationary appliance items.
  5. Use of personal appliances, including portable electric heaters, must first be approved by the direct supervisor and the Executive Director of Facilities before the item may be used on campus. The Facilities Department will not be responsible for any related costs or maintenance.

XI. Forms

XII. Effective Date

  • March, 2019 (New)

XIII. Policy History

  • New policy needed to address appliance procedures.

XIV. Next Review/Revision Date

  • March, 2023


Check the Policies Page for more information.

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